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通販サイトのVectop Store(ベクトップストア)は,
・「なら下駄」見た目は下駄で、履き心地抜群のサンダル 鼻緒で指の間が痛くならない特別な構造

Vectop co.,ltd sells excellent Japanese products in Japan and abroad.
Vectop Store is a mail order site that sells
Our original products for ostomates include the "Changeable Pouch Cover "Kabako-san"".
"Nara Geta" is a sandal that looks like a geta, but is very comfortable to wear, and has a special construction that prevents the nose cord from hurting between the fingers.
"Fisherman's sandals" have been worn by fishermen since ancient times, and are now popular among surfers, divers, beachgoers, and townspeople.
We have a wide range of products including